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NASA's Human Space Flight Web is now a year old. The site originally was a consolidation of the NASA Shuttle, Station and Shuttle-Mir Webs, but has since been expanded significantly. It now includes a Mars Exploration and Beyond section and a growing Space History section, among many other improvements. And there are more new features on the drawing board.

The current address for the Human Space Flight Web is For the convenience of users and webmasters who create bookmarks or links to the Human Space Flight Web, NASA has continued to support the old URLs of, and The time has come, however, to complete the consolidation and deactivate the old URLs.

The old URLs will provide a reference page to the address. The referral pages and an active link will remain on-line at those URLs indefinitely.

NASA appreciates the cooperation of the many users and webmasters who will need to update their bookmarks or links. We hope you will enjoy your visit to the Human Space Flight Web, the first stop for information about the Human Exploration and Development of Space. Feel free to register a comment in the site's Feedback section at:

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