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  Salt Water Activated Release
  for the SRB Main Parachutes (SWAR)

Problem: The SWAR is being implemented to preclude further damage to SRB Forward Skirts. Forward Skirt inventory is at a critically low level. The damage is attributed to the slap down event which occurs when the SRB impacts the water, the parachutes are released, and the booster topples over into the log mode and "slaps down" in the ocean.
Solution: The SWARs will replace the Cargo Link between the Riser Line and the Dispension Bridle (8 places per chute). The SWAR will allow the parachutes to remain attached until after log mode is attained. The SWARs then fire a small charge to release the Riser Lines. The Parachutes remain attached to the SRB via a Retrieval Line. As an added benefit, the Risers will be used for tow-back of the SRBs by the recovery ships, precluding the use of the current Tow Pendant. Another benefit will be the deletion of the current Parachute Release System.
Initial Operation Date: Full implementation 8/98
Shuttle mission-First flight 9/97
Technology Goal: Implementation of the SWAR will allow consideration for deletion of the Sensor Timer Unit (STU) and associated hardware.
Goals Supported: 1) Fly Safely
3) Improve Supportability

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